Michael Richard  -  disseminating iconoclast, skeptic, heretic and deviant.rooftop

A veracious social commentator utilizing all medium available to communicate, awaken and enlighten. Musician, artist, writer, photographer and film maker, Michael Richard unveils the world we see to expose the horrors of reality and stabs at the numb minds of society to stimulate consciousness.

Michael Richard spent his youth unavoidably subjected to what he would later refer to as a pervasive mechanical society. In an attempt to decode the great anomaly of our existence and recent history, he began to uncover the many alternate motives flourishing behind holographic veils and the falsities of perception. Michael represents the last of the purist humans, those within humanity who believe our evolution is being unnaturally altered, and tampered with. Uncovering the hidden war against humanity

Michael Richard stretches the limits of ‘shock art’ as a multimedia platform. The works set a preeminent standard in their seriousness and range. Sex, religion, power and control – relentlessly examined as the largest issues in human lives.

The Hate Factor

Michael Richard’s The Hate Factor band is a musical alliance, created in Los Angeles in ’94, with multiple line up and personnel changes throughout the years. The Hate Factor is a conceptually driven audio art form. The music is dark sonic landscapes, heavy aggressive guitars, pounding drums and purposive socially conscious lyrics that complete a vision from inside the mind of the songwriter vocalist bass player Michael Richard.  “Hate is the factor to be reckoned with and is causal to mans degeneration, mine is to confront hate and attack ignorance…mine is to use a sledge hammer to wake the sleepwalking sheeple”